Can Orthotics and Proper Shoes Improve Your Golf Game?

Researchers are now suggesting that your shoes and what you place into your shoes can actually improve your golf game.  According to published medical research from “Clinical Sports Medicine”, and “Medical Science and Sports Medicine”, there are new ways to improve your game and give you a competitive edge.  In as little as six weeks orthotics and proper footwear can provide improvement in –

1. Club head speed

2. Club angle of approach

3. Club face position

4. Centeredness of contact (or sweet spot)

5. Golf fundamentals

To begin, we need to understand two common obstacles golfers face; instability and fatigue.

Instability caused by inappropriate footwear requires greater effort from your muscles to perform optimally. Logically, the greater the efforts exerted, the more fatigued muscles become. Fatigue then leads to reduced coordination of muscles and consequently your swing suffers. Simply put, if your muscles become tired, even slightly, the mechanics of your swing are affected.  A less optimal swing will lead to a higher score card.


Will Proper Shoes Actually Improve Your Golf Game?

To prevent fatigue, start with the sole of your shoe! A golf shoe with a wide based sole and firm arch area provides greater base support, thus allows a golfer to improve and maintain his/her stability. Less effort spent balancing, automatically translates to more energy being spent increasing pelvic rotation. Any improvement in pelvic rotation will lead to more power generation. More power being generated at the pelvis combined with more balance, translates into a faster and more accurate downswing. (On average, 5 mph faster and 15 yards further. Improvement in power not only allows for increased driving distance, but you’re also more likely to hit the sweet spot!


How Can Orthotics Improve Your Golf Game?

Next… take a look inside your golf shoe. Is the arch area raised or is it completely flat? For individuals who already wear orthotics to accommodate foot conditions such as flat feet or high arched feet, you may not realize the added bonus they provide in your golf game.

Orthotics not only help you walk pain-free but may also improve your balance and coordination, and thus your driving distance.  For those who do not have a foot condition and do not usually wear medically prescribed orthotics, you can have yourself professionally fit by a Pedorthist for an over the counter arch support.


Ensure Your Shoes and Orthotics Can Work Together

The key to looking for a golf shoe that can have room for an orthotic is to identify a golf shoe that has the following features;

  1. Removable insole
  2. Added depth in the toe box and ball of the foot to allow extra room for your toes and the orthotic
  3. A firm outsole to ensure your orthotic remains properly in place so that your foot stays stable throughout your game.
  4. A rocker sole to help lessen your effort as you propel yourself forward when walking the course which will help reduce foot fatigue

For further information or direction, a BioPed Pedorthist can help you choose the most appropriate pair of golf shoes, create a custom orthotic for your feet, or fit you for over the counter insoles to improve your game.

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