It is definitely something worth considering! Spider veins, also known as telangiectasias, are damaged, visible blood vessels just beneath your skin’s surface. They typically look red, blue or purple. They may appear in clusters that resemble spider webs or tree branches. Spider veins can form anywhere, but they usually develop in your legs. They can be an early sign of a vein disease, known as chronic venous insufficiency. If your healthcare provider has recommended compression stockings for spider veins, this is likely because they have concern for vein disease.

Compressions socks can be a fantastic tool to help you manage vein disease, along with any swelling and fatigue in your legs. Today we’ll talk about everything compression sock related and how they can keep your legs moving all day long.

What are compression socks?

Graduated compression socks work to target swelling; reducing it by means of pressure. These socks are tightest around the ankle and become looser as they go up the leg. This causes the blood that often pools in the feet and calves to be pushed out and back up to the heart. Targeting this swelling is essential in keeping the legs feeling fresh throughout the day. But there are a number of other things compression can help with such as; managing pain, promoting mobility, support during activity and even aid in muscle recovery after intense activity.

Can I Get Fun Colours?

Yes you can! Gone are the days of plain black and white compression socks. With knee high compression socks, the colour options are endless! From bright pink to polka dot, we are bound to be able to find something to fit your wardrobe. Depending on how much swelling you are experiencing and how high up your leg it affects,  your doctor will recommend a length and compression pressure that makes sense for you. These can range from knee, thigh high, to even pantyhose length.

How Do I Go About Getting a Pair?

Book in with your nearest BioPed clinic today! At the appointment, we will talk to you about what compression socks do, how they will work for you, and get you measured up. From there you will go over type and style, in addition to being taught how to properly put the socks on.

Come See Us!

If you’re suffering from spider veins, swelling or anything else lower limb related, please book an appointment today! At BioPed Footcare, whether it is compression socks, orthotics or footwear, we are here for you. With our on-site lab there is nothing we can’t do!